Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day 8 - "....San Bernadino..."

The last leg of our journey was probably the most different from those who traveled down Route 66 in its heyday. We started in Barstow and left the desert behind us. In San Bernadino we found the second wigwam motel along the road. This was a much classier version (and looked absolutely immaculate) than the first. But both were charming (Tommy wasn't interested in sleeping in a teepee, however).

Once we hit San Bernadino, it was pretty much solid city/suburb for the rest of the journey. The last 75 miles or so were the probably the longest of the trip. We passed lots and lots of LA suburbs: Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena, that sort of thing. Driving into LA on a beautiful Saturday afternoon was probably not the best time to hit the city. The last miles were stop-and-go and took us probably 3 hours to finish.

We finally arrived in Santa Monica and met up with masses of people shopping and hanging around the beach. Route 66 officially ends in Santa Monica at Ocean Boulevard -- basically the Pacific Ocean. We finally found a parking place and scrambled through the crowds to the visitor's center and the official placque naming Route 66 "Will Rogers Highway." It's difficult to read and unfortunately, I would've loved to have had a "Route 66 Ends" to match it's cousin in Chicago. Ah, well.

Today (actually Day 9) we spent the day in the LA area. It was Tommy's wish to try surfing once while we were here. Cousin Mark and his daughters were kind enough to help out. They all love surfing and live quite close to the beach. We visited two beaches, Seal Beach, and Doheny (near Laguna Beach). Tom did great -- he worked hard on it and was able to stand up a few times. Great for his first day! Unfortunately Doheny Beach has lots of rocks on the bottom and his feet are pretty cut up -- surfin' scars to show the friends at home!

Tomorrow we finish up a bit more sightseeing then it's time to start for home -- the fast way this time...

Bob, Heather, Tommy & Winston


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather, Bob, Tommy and Winston for allowing us to "go on vacation" with y'all! I have fond memories of "Route 66" tales from my childhood and it was enjoyable to travel with you! Have a safe trip home!


7:47 AM  
Anonymous Easton Sitzes said...

An awesome roadtrip through The Mother Road, wrapping up in a beach - now that's an eventful journey. I'm quite sure that you enjoyed a lot of sights and pieces of history along the way. It's a blast to bring the family along! Now you've gotta prepare yourselves and also make sure that the car is at its tiptop shape, before embarking on the journey back.

12:23 PM  

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